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Rob Alexander


Rob Alexander joined the staff of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 2001 after finishing up a career in energy and technology. At a youth retreat when he was 17 the Holy Spirit came and effectually called Rob into relationship, but Rob is now convinced that God was working to redeem him and reconcile him to Himself from before he was born.

Introduced to Reformed Theology by campus staff workers Will Metzger and Greg Baker at the University of Delaware, Rob started distance education at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary as a way to deepen his faith in the marketplace. He moved to Boston with his wife Rebecca to work for Boston Gas and intern with Park Street Church and Marketplace Network. With a brief stint in San Diego where his world was rocked by Sonship at New Life Presbyterian Church, he headed back to Philadelphia on the corporate fast track to help PECO Energy fend off a hostile takeover from Enron Corporation, a mutual low and high point of his career.

He never dreamed of the value a downward track would have on he, Rebecca, Katie (and now Jonathan) when they moved to Winston Salem in 1999. He is grateful to serve alongside so many others that God has called to Himself in order to redeem the cosmos for greater purposes than we could ever imagine.


Steve Beck

Ruling Elder

Peter Beilman

Ruling Elder

Peter remembers being called to Jesus as a 4-year-old at a neighbor’s church during the children’s service. At the prompting of his friends, Matthew & Melissa, and the Holy Spirit, of course, he asked Jesus to be his savior. Looking back Peter could see God renovating his heart and protecting his life.

When, in the 5th grade, his Dad, who became a Christian through neighbors, asked Peter if he’d like to trust Jesus for salvation, he was able to remember that first call and respond, “I’ve already done that.” All through his teenage and college years God was surrounding Peter with men who valued him, showing him the power of the Gospel and leading godly lives.

The impact these men had on Peter’s life was tremendous. They trained him, and their example motivates him today to love his neighbors, co-workers, and church family. Whether it’s being an elder, a youth group volunteer, a husband to his wife Bunny, a dad for his children Jack, Emily, and Charlotte, or an engineer for Volvo & Mack trucks, Peter desires to show that God can do extraordinary things with an ordinary guy.

Key verse for Peter’s life: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

Ger Browne

Ruling Elder

Scott Gurley

Ruling Elder

Giorgio Hiatt

Ardmore Teaching Pastor, Teaching Elder

Giorgio holds a Master of Divinity degree from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. But his ministry experience began after graduating from Davidson College, where he served in a center-city community as Director of Teen Ministries with an Episcopal mission, the Chapel of Christ the King in Charlotte. After seminary he returned to Charlotte where he served as an Assistant Pastor of Discipleship and Urban ministries at Uptown Church, PCA. In 2004, he helped plant Christ Central Church in Charlotte’s Art District and served as their Associate Pastor until being called to Redeemer. He and his wife, Amanda, have a son, Carver and a daughter, Springer.


Charles Himes

Ruling Elder

The seeds of the truth of the gospel were planted in me through the hearing of many sermons growing up in the church and as the son of a pastor. My heart agreement with these truths at the age of 11 led me to own up to my sinfulness and my need of a savior, and to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God who died, taking my punishment, shame and guilt, and giving me his righteous life by faith. It was Elizabeth Elliot’s “Shadow of the Almighty” which drove home to me the possibility of a deeper reality of true worship and delight in God as a son loved by God. This deepening of relationship also came through great struggles and the Lord’s incredible gracious and merciful work through intimate relationships: my marriage to Susie, and the gift of children – to further deepen my understanding of my personal depravity and His even more astounding power for us who believe… … power for repentance, change and hope.Our family’s history with Redeemer goes back to the early 1980’s with Susie as the first Redeemer church secretary. When Susie and I married in 1988, I took her away to Greensboro NC, where we spent the next two years finishing school (Susie Graduate, Charles Undergrad) at UNCG. Graduate studies for Charles at Wake Forest saw us move back to Winston in 1990, joining up with Redeemer in 1991, and the rest is history. This history has followed a path filled with meaning, struggle and hope which includes, the birth of our 4 children (Madeline, Mariah, Miriam and Millicent), remodeling a home in Ardmore while finishing school, and being involved in the challenges of a sister church planting effort. I enjoy serving as an elder because I love to bring the hope of the gospel others, love communicate the truth of the scriptures, and the fellowship of a community of believers that is growing in accountability and service.

Joey Jeffers


Joey is married to Amy Bales Jeffers and has four children: Charis (20), Josiah (18), Faith (16), and Ruth (12). Both Joey and Amy grew up in caring, although secular, households where they were not overtly exposed to the gospel. Joey was converted to Christ while reading through the gospels as a fourteen-year-old boy. He was subsequently discipled by a loving, fundamental community of Southern Baptists. While attending Baylor University, Joey’s faith was confronted and significantly shaken by the claims of theological liberalism. After receiving a degree in physical therapy, Joey decided to pursue the study of the Bible and theology at an institution that championed a high view of scripture. While working as a physical therapist at Baylor Medical Center, Joey pursued a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). While there, Joey met Amy (who was also a student at DTS) at a children’s ministry called “King’s Club” in the inner city of Dallas. Although Joey eventually reached some theological conclusions that differed from the emphasis at DTS, he greatly benefited from his time there. In fact, he and Amy were introduced to the Reformed Faith while at DTS. Joey and Amy decided to visit a PCA church when they moved to Winston-Salem in 1994. They were greatly encouraged and helped by the Christ-centered, gospel-focused preaching and ministry at Redeemer and became members. Joey is honored to be an elder serving Redeemer.

Josh Kwasny

Associate Pastor - Follow Ministries, Teaching Elder

Josh was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BA in Youth Ministry and got his MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary. As the Christian Education Director at Redeemer, he oversees the many of the equipping ministries of the church with a focus on curriculum. He is also actively involved in Youth Ministry, giving oversight to Middle School and High School programming.

Josh is married to Christy Kwasny and together they have five children - Grace, Sam, Abigail, Jackson and Norah. He is passionate about discipling students into a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. Along with students, Josh has a passion for equipping parents with the necessary tools and support for building healthy Christian families.


John F. McCoy


God effectually called John as a young boy, and, at the age of nine, he accepted Christ as his Savior. He did not come from a Christian home; but his parents loved him well even though they did not share his desire to live for Christ. He had a godly grandfather who greatly influenced him. What Would Jesus Do by Charles Sheldon was valuable in helping him discern how to live as Christ’s follower. God graciously protected him as a young man and He continues to bless and transform John’s life.

John and Barbara moved to Winston-Salem from Tifton Georgia in May 2008, shortly after John retired from practicing pediatrics for 30 years. Their oldest daughter Lillian and husband Chris Madden moved here in 2006. Their four children were enrolled in Redeemer School, so the McCoys followed them to Winston Salem and to Redeemer Church. Serving the Body of Christ has always been a priority for the McCoys, and they quickly found ways to use their gifts at Redeemer. They have enjoyed visiting their two other daughters: Caroline and Troy Wilson and their three children in Roseville, CA. and Jane Anne and Louis Tucker and their three sons in McLean, VA.

John and Barbara and met at the Emory University Baptist Student Union while students. God graciously used a whole series of events to lead them through meeting, marriage, and eventual service as medical missionaries in Eku, Nigeria. Looking back, they recognize the beauty of God's sovereignty all along the way....and even today! They were in Nigeria for five years where they were challenged to deal with all kinds of medical needs, not just with children. Those were years of spiritual growth as God exposed pride in their lives, leading them to understand that their worth was based solely on what He had done through Christ.

When John developed a medical condition that made it difficult to live and work there, they came back to the United States... which was a real wilderness time for them. Eventually they moved to Tifton to join a pediatric practice and raise their 3 daughters. In 1990, through the influence of their daughters, the McCoys started attending a PCA church plant in Tifton and began to grow in and embrace Reformed theology. in addition to being an elder at Redeemer, John served as an elder at New Life Presbyterian Church for 16 years and was greatly blessed by that experience as well.

Kevin Morton

Ruling Elder

Tripp Sanders

Associate Pastor - Engage Ministries, Teaching Elder

Tripp's downward path to freedom began when God exposed him to the truth of the gospel at a very early age through Eastern Hills Baptist in Charlotte in 1985. Years later, Tripp, has begun to see how grace shaped not only his conversion but also his whole life.

Despite a fascination with the grandiose in those teenage years, men and women helped Tripp see how faith is worked out in ordinary local ways with everyday friendships. Starting with his college experience, a series of "demotions" transpired delivering a blow to Tripp's pride. As a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, a Baptist minister in West Virginia and an InterVarsity campus minister at the UVA, Tripp faced situations which elucidated his weakness, God's strength and the apparent need to overhaul a self-centered ministry philosophy.

Through tears, counselors and his patient wife, Jen, Tripp experienced the joy of God's favor apart from his works. Slowly his ministry and parenting began to reflect this shift. God broke the Sanders' heart for the downtrodden as he changed smoke detector batteries, removed roaches and fumbled through language translation in the context of a relationship with an African refugee family connected to New City Fellowship-Saint Louis. Covenant Seminary professors gently provided Tripp a framework to understand God's heart for the widow, the alien, and the orphan in the unfolding story of redemption. Upon graduating, Tripp started looking for a church family that would train him pastorally. God led Tripp to Redeemer where he became an Associate Pastor in the spring of 2010 and continues to teach him how the gospel must shape a man before he can rightly shape others.


Vernon Schmidt

Ruling Elder, Clerk of Session

David Swayne

Ruling Elder

A biography for me starts with God's patience, goodness, and faithfulness towards me, a man desperately and daily in need of the gospel. In His patience, He has not given me what I have deserved, but has given me relationship with Him, confidence to approach a throne of grace, and adoption as a son. In His goodness, He has blessed me with an amazing wife (Gayle), two beautiful children (Katie and Bradley), the privilege of serving my church as an elder, and a calling to care for patients in a family medical practice. In His faithfulness, He continues to pursue me, call me to repent, remind me of my identity in Christ, and give me the gift of faith. I hope that if a biography ever is really written about my life, that it would point readers to the author of life itself and to His absolutely great worth.